Stupid Flags

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What We Do!

We make life FUN, scratch that... WE MAKE LIFE AWESOME! Fly one of our flags and I guarantee you'll see things every and all men love more than anything else in the world! Don't be that guy that wished he had one of our flags, BE THAT GUY!.

Who We Are

We are guys and gals just like you, out to have fun in the sun. Hell you might even run into us out on the sandbar, we hope so, cause we want to see you flying our flags and using our gear. If you're feeling froggy send us some pics of you using our gear to our instagram, we'll make sure to highlight you!

Our Flagship Designs

Get out there

Theres no better way to have fun then to get out there and do it! StupidFlags
has a ton of stuff to make your life on the water more fun,
hers a gander at a few of our favorites.